Chip Gregory – Fenders, Marshalls, Hollers

Danny Mason – Lead Vocals, Dry Wit, Sarcasm

Rick Whiteman– Bass, Background Vox

Jovan Robertson – Drums, Beats, Style


The genesis of The Panties is a fuzzy story. It’s not complicated… it’s just that the years have laid a patina upon the details. A summation of recollections place The Panties as originally forming in the early-mid 80s as an answer to bands on Ashland, Virginia’s Randolph-Macon campus, who took themselves way too seriously. And people got it. The guys were funny, the lyrics were funny… and the music was… (some would say funny), but something people could sing/slur along to… and laugh. There is still some dispute as to whether people danced to the music back then, or they were just uncomfortably squirming away from people touching them. The Panties all seem to remember people dancing though. (I told you it is a fuzzy story!) There were frequent beer-fueled instances of forgotten chords, forgotten beats, and forgotten lyrics… but the band somehow remembered how good everything felt. (They also remember that girl from the Nursing School Party in the horse-riding pants, but that’s another fuzzy story…) And that brings us to today’s Panties. These guys have had about 30 years of remembering how good everything felt. And there was an itching – an itching to see if it all still felt that good. It did. We hope you enjoy the recordings, with some new members. It only took us 30 years. You’re never too old to remember how good it felt. And there’s nothing fuzzy about that.