The Critics LOVE “Hotter Than You”

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HTYHere’s what the critics said:

“This track was one of my favorite ones! I have enjoyed the balance of The Panties music too. I think the lyrics are just great and adorable! I like how well the singer has showed what matters to him the most! I think this singer is a big talent and needs to be shared!

“This song sounds an awful lot like Bon Jovi and even resembles the 80s with its sister-appreciation lyrics. This  heavy guitar riff seems perfectly conceived in its precise execution. The partner swapping motif carries through in typical bad-boy rocker persona and the pseudo Eddie Van Halen solo is tight and concise and utterly committed in execution.”

“I love how the guitar solo goes into the other instruments. I like the lyrics, they seem really deep and personal. It sounds like he is telling the story of what he has been through in his life and I like that. I love the guitar solo in the middle of the song and it was well done. The melody is great and the rhythm of the beat and vocals are nice.”

“I really like this song, I was very impressed. The bass was very good, the overall song was down to earth, I like the beat of this song and it really got me excited and ready to party. Also it made me very happy and wanting to dance. I really enjoyed it.”

“I like the intro music. The lyrics are good. The drummer is good. The song’s vocalist is good. The guitar player is good. The song gives you a dance vibe. I like the singers amazing vocals.”

“This song makes you want to rock out and dance hard. The lyrics are good. The story is good. The singer is very talented. The chorus is good. This song is for a fun time. This song overall is great. I would rate it 9 out of 10.